Bunnings Dog Doors – A quick review of dog doors

There are a wide variety of dog doors on the market however many are not suitable for installation into glass panels. After receiving recent enquires about the Bunnings Dog Doors we thought a quick review was in order.

As glass specialists we highly recommend the Transcat Dog Door. It’s slimline, looks better and works like a dream. Many dog doors are designed for chucky timber doors or to be fitted through a wall. The Bunnings dog doors is for timber or screen doors only. Here is a brief review of some popular dog doors.

Bunning Petz Plus Dog Door – Not for glass

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  • Not suitable for glass
  • Only used in timber or screen doors

Transcat Dog Door – Top Rated & Best for glass

Transcat Dog Door
  • Best glass dog door on the market.
  • 4 Way locking system
  • Clear Acrylic
  • Slimline
  • Supplied & fitted by Valiant

Staywell 600 Series – Not for glass

600 Series Staywell
  • For timber doors only

Staywell 700 Series – Not for glass

700 Series Staywell
  • For timber doors only

Staywell 200 Series – Suitable for glass

200 Series Staywell
  • Suitable for glass
  • Doesn’t look as good as the Transcat
  • Thicker – Therefore not suitable for many door systems