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There are many different types of glass door panels found in both homes and businesses. In older style home entrance doors, patterned glass is commonly used to offer privacy and also a visually appealing product. Current trends have moved away from detailed decorative glass to a more uniform frosted or translucent glass that still provides obscured vision through doors but is a more modern alternative. In almost all situations glass door panels must be some form of safety glass to comply with the current building codes, which prevents the use of some older patterns. In addition to front doors for homes most glass doors consist of clear or tinted glass. Whether they are bi fold, sliding or hinged doors Valiant can supply and install all types of glass to suit the requirements for any situation.

Translucent Door Panels

Modern front or entrance door designs regularly include some type of translucent safety glass that prevents people from seeing inside your home. In recent times we have witnessed a decline in use of leadlight or similar detailed decorative designs. Laminated translucent safety glass has proven to be one of the most popular types of obscure as it offers extra security and safety when broken. Valiant stocks a wide range of different door panel glass, which enables us to provide a supply and install or emergency glass replacement service whenever needed.

Safety Glass Door Panels

The most common type of glass in doors is clear safety glass. All new doors in homes, offices, shops, restaurants, hotels and any other type of premises all consist of either clear laminated or toughened safety glass. Many older properties still have the original ordinary annealed glass, which can present a real danger when broken however current laws require new installations to consist of safety glass. Valiant are one of Sydney’s largest stockist of safety glass and can provide fast glass door panel installations or even emergency glass replacement when required.

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