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Cat door

Cat door

Cat doors, which are also known as cat flaps, are a great way to give your cat the freedom to go outside during the day whilst keeping it locked inside during the night. Although many cats are primarily house pets all cats enjoy time in the real world where they can run and play. On the other hand, if your cat loves the outdoors he or she will appreciate the ability to scamper inside to escape from the weather or even another animal. Valiant Glass supply and fit cat doors which are preinstalled in our toughened safety glass panels for installation into glass doors, windows or any other panel of glass around the house. The whole job can be arranged with just one phone call in which one of our qualified glaziers can be booked to visit your home and carry out the installation. Most areas of Sydney are serviced by our mobile fleet of qualified glaziers.

The advantages of a cat door

A common sight is a poor little cat on a window sill gazing outside, wanting to explore the outside world. Besides offering your cat the opportunity to run free, there are some benefits for owners as well. Regular cat related problems include scratching furniture, pulling curtains, spraying its scent, damaging flyscreens and other similar annoying traits that some cats have. The inclusion of a scratch pole and some toys will alleviate these problems, however a cat flap will enable your cat to get outside to do these things that come natural to them. Another advantage is that you can lock your cat outside when you’re not at home to supervise their internal activities during the day. Some people even install two cat doors, one in a laundry window, which enables access to only one room and another located elsewhere in your home to offer full access to all areas when your home.

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