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Due to Valiant’s 50 year history in the glass and glazing industry our staff are experienced in working with almost every type of framing systems.

The benefit of this knowledge is that we can provide a professional, fast and reliable service to satisfy your needs.

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Glass replacement for sliding windows

All sliding glazing systems vary in some way and without an extensive knowledge of how they work replacing the glass in these types of frames can be difficult.

Valiant Glass carry a wide variety of glass enabling same day glass replacement for most sliding glass windows.

Types of sliding windows

Sliding windows are manufactured to slide either vertically or horizontally depending on the style of window.

They are available in either aluminium or timber frame construction to suit the individual requirements of any home or business.

Aluminium sliding windows

Aluminium windows are more commonly found in the new areas of Sydney, new buildings or premises that have been renovated.

These types of frames have become very popular because they are low maintenance and offer a long lasting modern style.

Horizontal sliding aluminium windows are widely used in homes and offices however in recent times double hung sashes have proven to be a great alternative.

Timber sash windows

Traditional sash style timber windows are very common throughout the older Sydney suburbs like the CBD, Eastern Surburbs, North Shore, Inner West and South Sydney.

There are varying styles of sash windows requiring a different approach in each situation to perform a successful glass repair or replacement.

Sash windows consist of a counter balance system that control the way the sashes operate and therefore require an experienced tradesman to work on such types of windows.

In addition to this a majority of timber frames require the delicate replacement of glazing putty which takes many years to master.

Each of these styles of windows have their own individual techniques required to carry out glass replacement and therefore our experienced glaziers are well equipped to handle any of these sliding systems.