Dog Doors

Valiant Glass slimline clear dog doors are preinstalled into glass panels, which offer a great solution for your family dog. They are easy to operate for your pet and are easily locked when you want to keep your dog outside.

Owning a dog can provide hours of fun and enjoyment for the whole family but they can be a little demanding at times.

A dog door offers controlled access to inside and outside the house, which enables your dog to decide when he or she would like to enter or exit.

Some of the typical problems associated with dogs without a dog door can include urinating when locked inside, scratching of doors or glass panels when locked outside and barking or howling when trying to get inside.

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What size dog door should I get?

Doggie doors are not appropriate for some large dog breeds but for the majority of small to medium breeds the addition of a doggie door will enhance your pet’s life at home.

Due to the variation in breed sizes it’s essential to choose a dog door that matches your breed. Valiant stock small and medium pet doors for glass, which are suitable for the following breeds. Cat doors can be used for some of these smaller breeds.

Suitable Dog Breeds

Staffordshire Bull Terrier
French Bulldog
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
Jack Russell
Bichon Frise
Fox Terrier
Yorkshire Terrier…….and more!

If you have a young puppy make sure you measure its parents or work out the average size of your breed when fully grown. Some breeds are not suitable for glass dog doors. (Refer to our dog door guide below)

Doggie Door Installation

What are the benefits of a dog door?

Are you tired of getting up and down to let the dog in or out?

The installation of a dog door offers the following benefits:

  1. Controlled access inside and out – By installing a dog door your dog is free to come and go as they please while you can put your feet up without a worry in the world. One of the most unobtrusive positions for a dog door is in a glass door, the most popular being dog doors for glass sliding doors.
  2. Toilet training aid – Besides the obvious function of providing access to the inside and outside of the home, dog doors are a great aid for toilet training your dog. During the toilet training process it is essential that the dog have the ability to go outside to its designated toilet area. Without offering this permanent thoroughfare your pet is more likely to have accidents inside the home.
  3. Your dog becomes a part of the family – Dog Doors are also a great way to improve the connection your pet has with your family, strengthening the bond between children and their pets.
  4. Food and water – Gives access to food and water positioned outside.

How to have a dog door installed?

Valiant Glass offers preinstalled doggy doors in glass panels for doors, panels next to doors and all other glass located close to the ground.

All installations include the following:

  • Measure – On site measure throughout the Sydney metropolitan area. Including the Sutherland Shire, St George, Eastern Suburbs, North Shore, Northern Beaches, Inner West, Ryde and Hills districts.
  • Expert advice – Dog door selection and position recommendation
  • Four way locking system – Dog doors control when your pet is allowed inside by utilising our four way locking system. Options include fully locked, fully opened, access outside but not back in and access inside but not back out.
  • Safety Glass – Grade A toughened safety glass is used for all doggy door glass panels which offers extra strength and safety if your dog collides with the door.
  • Qualified Glazier – Our qualified glaziers cut and install the glass that already contains the dog door so that your dog can use the door straight away.

Are there dog doors for sliding glass doors?

In many situations the only position for a dog door is within a sliding glass door and as glass specialists Valiant Glass can provide a complete installation that complies with current Australian Standards.

A dog door provides your dog with the freedom to explore the outside world while enjoying the comforts of inside the home.

Suitable door systems include:

  • Standard aluminium sliding door systems
  • Aluminium stacking door systems
  • Timber sliding door systems

How to choose the best location for a dog door?

Once you have decided it’s time to give your dog the freedom to come and go as it pleases the next step is to work out where to install the dog door.

As part of our installation service a qualified glazier will visit the site to establish the best position. Careful consideration is taken by our glaziers to assess where the dog door will be located.

The most popular locations are hinged doors, sliding doors, panels next to sliding doors and low level glass panels.

Dog door guide

The following graphic provides a general guide to work out if your dog will fit our dog doors.

Installing a dog door at the perfect height will ensure your dog will comfortably use it day in and day out without any troubles. (Printer friendly version)

Glass Dog Door Size & Installation Guide

Doggie Doors are a great solution for many dog owners that want their dogs to come and go as they please. Valiant Glass supply and fit doggie doors in toughened safety glass for use in sliding doors, side panels next to doors or any other glass panels located close to the ground.

All installations include a new glass panel, a circular cut out and a four-way locking dog door.

Our qualified glaziers carry out all doggie door installations ensuring each installation complies with current Australian Standards.

Make your life easier by choosing a Valiant dog door for your family.

Call your local Sydney Valiant Glass office to find out more about doggie door installations throughout the Sydney metropolitan area.

  • Do not install doggie doors into existing laminated or ordinary float glass. We do not recommend installing dog doors into existing glass panels, as breakage commonly results from this practice.