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Dog door

Dog door

Owning a dog can provide hours of fun and enjoyment for the whole family until your playful pup starts causing problems. A dog door offers controlled access to inside and outside the house, which enables your dog to decide when he or she would like to enter or exit. Some of the typical problems associated with dogs inside include urinating, damage to doors or glass panels and annoying crying when trying to get outside. Valiant’s slimline clear doggie doors, which are preinstalled into our glass panels, offer a great solution to these problems. They are easy to operate for you pet and are easily locked when you want to keep your little friend outside.

Size matters

Due to the variation in breed sizes it’s essential to choose a dog door that matches your breed. Doggie doors are not appropriate for some giant dog breeds but for the large majority of small to medium breeds the addition of a doggie door will enhance your pet’s life at home. If you have a puppy make sure you measure its parents or work out the average size of your breed when fully grown.

Dog Door Installation Sydney

Valiant Glass offers preinstalled doggy doors in glass panels for doors, panels next to doors and all other glass located close to the ground. Grade A toughened safety glass is used for all doggy door glass panels which offers extra strength and safety if your dog collides with the door. Our qualified glaziers cut and install the glass that already contains the dog door so that your dog can use the door straight away.

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