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As a mirror specialist Valiant can manufacture mirrors of all shapes and sizes however one of our most common requests is for large mirrors. Although we can produce some of the largest mirrors available many factors determine the size you can use for your application.

The surrounding area and also the access for installation generally influences mirror design, whilst the size must also blend into your current décor. Undoubtedly large mirrors are the most effective in creating an illusion of space and providing additional light but careful consideration must be taken to how your mirror with fit into your home or business.

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Where to use large mirrors

Common installations of large mirrors include the following.

  • Dance studios
  • Home gyms
  • Commercial gyms
  • Foyers
  • Pilates studio
  • Bathrooms
  • Mirror walls

Large bathroom mirrors

Large frameless bathroom mirrors are becoming very popular, which can make a bathroom look more spacious and elegant. The height of bathroom mirrors can extend from vanity or bench top to ceiling and in some cases the width can be from wall to wall.

Large mirrors in homes

Other areas where large mirrors can be used include hallways, corridors, and feature walls. In some situations mirrors can also be installed to reflect a view from outside such as waterfront, beach or bush outlook.

Mirrors can also be used to add light to a dark area by placing it opposite a light source such as a window or doorway to utilize natural light.

Measure, supply and installation

Regardless of the situation Valiant’s 40 years of experience guarantees your mirror installation will be carried out to your total satisfaction.

We are specialists in frameless mirrors and as a result you will receive a mirror that is manufactured to the highest standards.