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As glass experts Valiant offers fast and reliable mobile window glass repairs throughout the Sydney metropolitan area.

Broken window glass can present a danger, a security risk or just be unsightly in your home or business. The best solution is to have your glass replaced as soon as possible to eliminate any of these problems.

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Window glass repairs

Broken window, what next?

Some types of glass such as laminated or toughened safety glass are safer to handle, however annealed or float glass can be very dangerous.

A trained professional should carry out window glass repairs to prevent these types of injuries.

Glass for any window repair

There are many different types of windows ranging from small colonial style domestic windows through to large glass panels in commercial buildings.

Valiant’s factory stocks most types of glass, which enables us to provide a same day or next day service in most situations.


Can you replace just the glass in a window?

Most windows are designed to allow for glass to be removed and replaced. Many timber and aluminium framed windows have removable beading that secures the glass in place. Older frames used putty, this technique is still used today.

Is a cracked window dangerous?

Most domestic windows are ordinary glass, therefore this glass can fall out when cracked. Glass is a dangerous product and must treated with respect and therefore we advise that you do not try to remove any glass prior to our glazier visiting your site.

The breaking characteristic of non safety glass products tends to present knife like shards that are razor sharp, which can easily cut through skin, muscle tissue and tendons.

Can a cracked window be repaired?

Unlike car windscreens cracks in windows aren’t repaired.