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Valiant’s glaziers are trained professionals who are responsible for the installation of glass in Sydney domestic and commercial buildings and the manufacture of many glass products used in day to day lives.

As a glass replacement company Valiant’s staff are familiar with almost every type of glass and glazing systems, which ensures your glass installation is carried out to the highest standard. Emergency glass repairs are our specialty, with 24hr support for shop front glass windows, where broken glass is a danger to public, patrons and business owners.

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All glass and glazing in Sydney must comply with the current Australian Standard that applies to glass in buildings.

As one of Sydney’s original glass companies our glaziers offer a complete glass replacement service in accordance with these building codes.

Valiant’s fleet of special glass carrying vehicles combined with our team of fully qualified staff means we can provide a fast and reliable service for any glass replacement requirement.

Glazing in homes

As glass is a fragile product it can be damaged by stones, birds, falling tree branches, accidental breakage, vandalism or break and entry.

These types of fractures can occur at any time of the day resulting in an unsecured home vulnerable to home invasion or even further damage caused by weather.

Regardless of whether your glass is located in a window, door or any other type of glazing frame, Valiant will replace the glass to it’s original state in the fastest possible time.

Our vehicles stock standard float glass and laminated safety glass, which can be cut and installed on site by our qualified glaziers.

Glazing in commercial buildings

The diverse types of glass found in commercial buildings means glass and glazing companies must stock a wide range of products to meet the needs of this type of emergency glass replacement.

Ranging from standard laminated glass through to high performance reflective coated glass and everything in between requires a wide range of stocks to be on hand for immediate use.

Valiant stock many types of glass and as a result will provide a fast glass replacement service throughout the Sydney metropolitan area that complies with all current regulations.