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Sliding glass doors are very popular in Australian homes as they offer an easy to operate and wide opening door, which are relatively low maintenance. In general sliding doors require little ongoing repairs besides the odd replacement rollers or locking mechanisms. Unfortunately glass breakage is probably one of the most common things that can go wrong with sliding glass doors. Usually caused by some type of impact broken glass in doors can present a very dangerous situation. Valiant Glass are experts in replacement of glass in sliding doors and due to our many years of experience in the glass replacement trade we are familiar with almost every type of sliding door system. This experience together with our ability to provide a fast and reliable service minimises the risk of any problems associated with broken glass in doors.

Types of Glass

Depending on when the door was manufactured the glass found in sliding glass doors will either be ordinary annealed or safety glass. All new and replacement glass must be some type of safety glass to comply with the current standards. Annealed glass is very dangerous and presents a real danger when sliding glass doors are mistaken for an open pathway. Many children and adults have made this mistake and walked or even ran through the glass with devastating results. Unfortunately our staff are regularly exposed to these disturbing scenes and we can not emphasise enough the danger of this type of glass. Valiant provide an upgrade service where we replace these old types of glass to comply with the new standards.

Laminated Glass

Laminated safety glass is the best alternative for any glass installation in sliding doors. It consists of two sheets of float glass laminated together with a plastic interlayer to provide a safe product when broken. In most circumstances the glass only cracks and remains in position, which not only prevents injuries but also offers improved security in break and enter situations. Another benefit is that Valiant carries many stock sizes of laminated glass to cater for almost any door size, which enables us to supply and install the glass in the fastest possible time.

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