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Valiant’s team of glaziers are available for same day emergency glass replacement throughout Sydney. Our staff provide 24hr telephone support to book your glass replacement.

After hours glass replacement is generally reserved for true emergency. Most glass replacement is carried out during normal working hours Monday to Friday.

On Time and Competitive Prices

Local Tradesmen

Fully Qualified Glaziers

Booking a replacement job with Valiant

Benefits of using Valiant Glass for your glass replacement.

  • Trained telephone support staff to establish the requirements of any type of work
  • Qualified glaziers
  • AS1288 Compliant installations
  • Stocks of a majority of glass types for fast glass replacement
  • Billing direct with major insurance companies
Laminated glass replacement Sydney

Glass replacement Sydney

Over Valiant’s 40-year history our company has evolved with new products and technologies to provide one of the industries premier glass replacement services.

Whether your glass is old or new our qualified staff can provide a solution for almost any situation by offering a safe and reliable same day service for most types of glass.

Compliance with Australian Standard AS1288

Glass can be a dangerous product therefore Valiant’s glass installations comply with the requirements of Australian Standard AS1288.

The standard is regularly updated and requires glaziers to stay in tune with what is happening with this building code.

At Valiant we pride ourselves on safety and see it as our number one priority for both our staff and you.

The key to having a broken glass panel replaced is to have it done safely and complying to current Australian Standards. In general this is not a DIY job for a home handy man. Glass is much like electrical work, where one small mistake can lead to a serious injury.

What should I do with my broken glass?

There are three main types of glass, float glass, laminated glass and toughened glass.

Toughened Glass

Have this type of glass replaced as soon as possible.

Toughened glass will break into hundreds of small pieces. Sometimes the glass will lock into place and hold but in a majority of cases the glass will crumble to the ground. An open area will remain requiring immediate glass replacement.

Glass replacement Sydney

Sydney Toughened Glass Door

Laminated Glass

In most cases next day installation is appropriate but care must be taken as ordinary glass can be mistaken for laminated glass. Sometimes ordinary glass will break in the same manner, appearing to hold together only to fall out in dangerous shards.

The safest of the three main types of glass, laminated glass will crack and hold in position.

Ordinary Float Glass

Trying to handle broken ordinary glass is dangerous and should be left to a professional. Same day replacement is recommended.

Ordinary float glass is commonly found in homes and commercial properties throughout Sydney. In many situations the glass must be cut out by a qualified glazier.

Ordinary glass

How dangerous is broken glass?

Broken glass can be very dangerous. If anyone has a serious cut due to impact with the glass it’s important to seek medical attention. Glass can penetrate the skin and sever ligaments or tendons resulting in surgery and up to a 3 month recovery. The dangers of razor sharp glass can not be underestimated.

DIY – Example of poorly secured broken glass

Ordinary float glass

Who can replace glass?

DIY glass replacement is not recommended.

The main priority is to find a glazier who offers a fast and reliable service. Finding an experienced glazier with knowledge of all types of framing systems is imperative to ensure your glass is installed correctly.

Choosing Valiant’s professional team will ensure your glass with replaced properly every time.