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Aluminium windows are one of the most popular types of windows used in the Australian housing industry. They are available in many styles including fixtures, sliding, double hung, awning and casement windows. Due to the wide range of aluminium windows that are available it is necessary to have your glass replaced by a fully qualified glazier who is familiar with both old and new designs. Valiant’s glaziers regularly work on all the major window manufacturers glazing systems therefore this guarantees your glass will be replaced to its original state. Being closely aligned with the window manufacturing industry Valiant is up to date with all developments and new technologies, which influence the way glass is installed in today’s modern window frames.

Aluminium Window Styles

All styles of aluminium windows have their pros and cons, however in the main they provide a weatherproof, easily maintained and modern product that are resistant to the harsh Australian conditions. The most common finishes are clear anodised or powder coated coloured frames that fit into any colour scheme. One of the main considerations when choosing aluminium frames is to work out what type of window dressings are going to be used and if fly screens can be installed. The way your windows operate can have an impact of how easily they can be opened and closed once in position.

In general aluminium framed windows require little maintenance however components such as rollers and sash balances can deteriorate over time. Usually most manufacturers stock replacement parts for their window systems, which means you can extend the life of your windows. Valiant specialises in glass and glazing and unfortunately do not offer a window maintenance service. Please contact your window manufacturer for any maintenance issues relating to the operation of your windows.

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