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Traditional mirrors were used in homes to serve a purpose of providing a reflection in bathrooms and bedrooms, however interior designers have taken the use of home mirrors to a new level. A home mirror is something that we use at least once or twice every single day but the inclusion of a strategically placed mirror can offer much more than this basic function. Mirrors have become a decorative addition that enhances the beauty of your home by creating a feeling of space and elegance.

Valiant Mirrors

Valiant Glass is one of Sydney’s most experienced manufacturers of custom made home mirrors, offering all shapes and sizes for almost any application. Mirrors are now used in many areas throughout the home to reflect light and add another dimension, which fools the eye into thinking the room is bigger. Our large frameless mirrors give a seamless look that creates an illusion of space, which can transform small rooms into a showpiece of your home. Valiant stock a wide range of mirror sheet sizes that gives us the flexibility to manufacture a variety mirror shapes and sizes.

Lead Times

Due to the fact that Valiant holds large stocks of different mirror types and has the latest glass processing machines, we can offer fast turn around times for many mirror home products. Our qualified glaziers visit your home to discuss your design requirements, measure the exact sizes and return on the next convenient day for installation.

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