Valiant Glass manufactures mirrors for almost any application in domestic or commercial properties. Custom made mirrors are our specialty and with 35 years experience in providing top quality Australian made mirrors in Sydney, the design is only limited by your imagination. Shapes such as square, rectangle, round, oval and hexagon are all possible in plain silver mirror or even tinted varieties.

The effect of mirrors

The primary function of a mirror is to provide your reflection in areas such as bathrooms, change rooms, hallways and other situations where you want to see yourself. In addition to a simple reflection the use of mirrors can create an illusion of space, generate a feeling of elegance and brighten up any room. In many circumstances the inclusion of a mirror becomes a feature, which will add value to your property.

Bathroom mirror

Bathroom mirror

Bathroom Mirrors

There are many styles of bathroom mirrors however current contemporary designs require a seamless look that provides function and fashion. Frameless bathroom mirrors can span from wall to wall and extend from vanity to the ceiling, which offers a dramatic transformation to any bathroom. The addition of any Valiant mirror will give a lift to a bathroom whilst improving its overall ambience and style

Frameless Mirrors

Frameless mirrors dominate current interior design trends where a modern seamless look is required. The main benefit of a frameless mirror is an uncluttered look and also offering a low maintenance easily cleaned mirror. The absence of framing adds to the illusion of space, which is one of the key advantages of installing mirrors in any home or commercial premises.

Mirrors Sydney

Our warehouse stocks the largest mirror sheet sizes available in the Australian market and therefore can produce large mirrors for dance studios, gyms or foyers. We also have a proud history of installing large mirrors in exclusive properties including restaurants, hotels, bars, apartments and homes. Our experience in all facets of glazing ensures no mirror job is too big for our highly trained staff.

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