Commercial window

Commercial window

The most common reason why window glass needs to be replaced is because it’s either broken or damaged in some way. Unlike other projects glass replacement is not a do it yourself job and requires the expertise of a trained professional to carry out such a dangerous task. At Valiant our glaziers are fully qualified to glaze all types of windows ranging from small domestic windows to large commercial panels. Due to our diverse range of products and services our staff can repair any type of window.

Window Repairs

As a glass specialist we offer a fast and professional glass repair service however we do not repair window frames or window components. Our mobile repair glazier will attend to your glass requirements and provide a complete service including setup, glass removal, onsite glass cutting, glass installation and cleanup. All materials used comply with current Australian Standards to guarantee your glass is repaired to its original state.

Window Replacement

While renovating, many people choose to replace existing glass with something more modern or even just upgrade to safety glass. Although Valiant does not replace window frames or window components simply changing the glass can be an economical alternative to give your property a facelift. Ugly obscure glass from the 70’s such as amber or other textured glass can easily be replaced with a contemporary glass to transform your premises.

Types of Windows

Although there are countless styles of windows made from various materials Valiant’s staff are familiar with almost every type of window. We can carry out glass replacement in almost any situation being either domestic or commercial premises. The major styles of windows include double or single hung windows, casement windows, fixed windows, sliding windows, louvered windows, hopper or awning windows.

Aluminium Windows

Aluminium framed windows remain as one of the most popular types of windows available as they offer a strong, secure and easily maintained product. The method of glass installation for many aluminium windows is more complicated than a traditional window however our staff are familiar with all current designs which guarantees your glass can be replaced without any problem. The most common style of opening windows are sliding, awning, casement and double hung windows.

Timber Windows

Traditionally most domestic windows were manufactured from timber and although aluminium has become a great alternative timber windows continue to provide a natural beauty unrivalled by other window types. Timber offers a solid and durable framework and is suitable for a wide range of glass. Glass replacement in these types of frames requires a more delicate approach that requires years of experience to perfect. Valiant’s glaziers are fully qualified and experienced in performing timber window glass replacement which ensures your job is completed to your total satisfaction.

Thermal Insulated Windows

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