Glass Cutting

Glass cutting

Glass cutting

Glass can be cut into a wide range of shapes and sizes including squares, circles, ovals, curves and other complex shapes for special application. Cutting glass is a skill that requires many hours of training and practice to carry out successful and accurate cutting. At Valiant our staff are fully qualified glaziers who have acquired these skills to perform precise cutting to meet the requirements of any project. It is always recommended that a trained professional carry out glass cutting as small imperfections in cuts can cause the glass to break at any time.

Standard Cutting

The most common type of glass cutting is for glass used in windows and doors in domestic or commercial buildings. Although cutting simple shapes like squares and rectangles is one of the easiest types of cutting, flawed cuts can result in breakage during or even after installation. In addition to this many glass panels must be safety glass, which is very difficult to cut without prior training. In many situations an automated cutting line is used to minimise the chances of faults in these products.

Complex Shape Cutting

One of Valiant’s specialities is cutting detailed shapes in glass for unusual applications. Glass used for products such as glass splashbacks, shaped mirrors, glass tables and other types of glass used in furniture require special shapes, cut outs and even holes in many circumstances. These types of glass are processed by hand or robotic glass cutting and polishing machines to provide an accurate result every time. To ensure top quality glass products are produced all of our glass tools and machines are regularly maintained or replaced when required which guarantees your glass is produced to highest standard in the industry.

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