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Replacing glass in doors

Glass can be dangerous. In particular, ordinary annealed or float glass can easily cause injuries during the replacement process.

Regardless of what type of door, Valiant’s team of glaziers are qualified glass experts who can carry out any door glass replacement.

All glass door panel installations must comply with the current Australian Standards to provide the ultimate in safety and security for your premises.

Common glass door styles and configurations

Valiant’s glaziers are familiar with all types of domestic and commercial doors. As many doors have slightly different glazing systems a broad knowledge is required to install glass in doors.

The following doors can be manufactured in timber, aluminium and sometimes steel frames. As one of Sydney’s most trusted glazing companies, Valiant can supply and fit glass in any of these systems.

Hinged doors

Sliding doors

Stacking Sliding Doors

Bi-fold doors


What are the main types of glass in doors?

Sydney units and apartments tend to have toughened glass, while architecturally designed homes opt for higher performance laminated glass.

Glass doors found in domestic and commercial properties in Sydney have a variety of glass types. Most have safety glass however some older homes have ordinary glass, which must be upgraded when replaced.

Toughened Safety Glass

Laminated Safety Glass

Ordinary Glass (Does not comply to current Australian Standards)

Decorative or patterned glass can be used as a feature while still letting in light.

The most popular types of safety glass used in doors are clear, tinted or obscure laminated glass. Valiant Glass stocks most types of glass used in doors and can offer same day or next day service where required.

What are the best types of glass doors?

Aluminium sliding doors are the most popular glass doors. They reliable, functional and require very little maintenance in comparison to most other doors.

A majority of doors in units or apartments are sliding aluminium doors. Doors in modern architecturally designed homes tend to be aluminium and timber frames with some even using steel.

Besides the obvious function of offering a passage between inside and outside or between two rooms, doors can be a valuable feature of any property. The following outlines the pros and cons of each.

Hinged Door Features

Simple designUsually installed as a single doors
Can be securely locked with traditional door hardware

Hinged doors are the simplest of all. Usually strong and secure, hinged doors are best for bathrooms, laundries, bedrooms, foyers and entry doors.

Bi-Fold Door Features

All doors fold to one sideDifficult to screen
Creates open planComponents subject to wear and tear. Doors can become difficult to open.

Bi-fold doors are used to create an open plan effect when completely opened. They are installed in many modern homes.

Bi-fold doors are the most problematic type of door system. Using a reputable manufacturer is essential to ensure high quality components are used for trouble free operation.

Sliding Door Features

Easy sliding operationDoes not open completely
Available in 2,3 or 4 panelsSliding wheels require replacing over time
Easy to add fly screens
Stacking systems create a larger open space
Improved weather seals

Most sliding door systems are two, three or four panel designs. Modern sliding stacking doors create a open plan effect without the complication using a bi-fold system.

Why does the glass in doors have to be safety glass?

As doors are classified as high traffic areas they are susceptible to human impact. Safety glass is required to prevent injuries commonly caused by broken ordinary glass.

Even wardrobe mirror sliding doors must be safety glass to comply with current Australian Standards.

Can a glass door break for no reason?

Although uncommon, sometimes toughened glass can spontaneously explode.

Toughened glass is very strong, therefore it is more likely that the glass has broken when impacted with a sharp or large object.

Objects known to break toughened glass.

  • Small rocks from lawn mowing
  • Playing darts
  • The point of broken plates or bowls dropped next to glass
  • Birds
  • Dogs

Regardless of what type of door you have Valiant’s team of glaziers are qualified glass experts and can carry out any door glass replacement.

If your glass door is broken call the team at Valiant!