Glass Creations – The Valiant Glass Awards

In appreciation of all things created with glass the team at Valiant are putting together a collection of glass creations from around the world. Each category will receive individual nominations to establish the top 5 or 10 as judges by us. While we aren’t specialists in some of these areas we feel that we are well enough equipped to cast a judgment from a consumers point of view. Besides, we work with glass every day and know the difficulties associated with working with this product. Good luck to those in line for nominations.

The first cab of the rank are Australia’s Glass Artists. Congratulations to the following top ten Australian Glass Artists as judged by the Valiant.

  1. Benjamin Edols and Kathy Elliot
  2. Lisa Cahill
  3. Marcus Dillon
  4. Holly Grace
  5. Robert Wynne
  6. Elizabeth Maverick
  7. Kevin Gordon
  8. Nick Mount
  9. Tali Dalton
  10. Lucas Salton

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Top 10 Australian Glass Artists