Laminated Glass

Laminated glass

Laminated glass

There is no doubt that the introduction of laminated safety glass has provided a versatile product that meets the needs of today’s safety requirements. As one of Valiant’s most popular products laminated glass offers a safe alternative to ordinary annealed glass for home and commercial buildings. Laminated glass is now used in a wide range of applications including doors, windows, shower screens, shopronts, balustrades, displays and other situations where this product offers the best solution. It consists of two sheets of annealed glass bonded together with a plastic interlayer to provide one of the safest products in the market. Its main features are its added strength, safety and also security when subject to damage from vandalism or accidental breakage.

Types of laminated glass

The most popular laminated glass is the standard clear laminated which is used in domestic sliding doors, low level glazing, internal office partitions, office windows and shop windows and doors. Valiant stocks a wide range of sizes and thickness of clear laminated to cater for the requirements of all of these applications whether you require new installation or emergency glass replacement. In addition to clear laminated there are a number of alternatives including tinted, patterned, frosted and high performance coated laminates available for use in homes and businesses. Valiant even have the ability to have custom made laminates manufactured for unique applications upon request. As a superior glass product we highly recommend laminated glass for use in any of your future domestic or commercial projects.

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