Toughened Glass

Toughened glass

Toughened glass

The two main reasons why toughened safety glass is used in homes and businesses are for safety and strength. When toughened glass is broken it shatters into many small pieces, which are relatively harmless compared with large shards of broken annealed glass. In addition to the safety properties another benefit of this type of glass is its added strength. Valiant Glass manufactures toughened glass for use in a wide range of applications including glass shelving, balustrades, shopfronts, furniture and many other frameless designs that require strength and safety.

Where should it be used?

Being a Grade A safety glass, toughened glass can be used in areas that require safety glass to comply with current Australian Standards. High traffic areas and other positions that are likely to be subject to human impact require this type of glass to minimise potential injuries. Panels of glass in doors, side panels next to doors, low level glazing and other similar locations must be either toughened or laminated glass, which provide a safe situation when broken.

In addition to the safety aspects of toughened glass it is also a strong and durable product, which can withstand higher impact and even higher temperatures. Areas subject to excessive amounts of heat such as splashbacks, hot food displays and other similar applications require toughened glass for this reason. Glass panels that are subject to impact or vandalism such as bus shelters, squash courts and balustrades benefit from the extra strength provided by toughened glass.

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