Glass Installation



Glass installation is a skill that requires years of experience to carry out this type of work. Glass can be installed in a wide variety of applications including windows, doors, shopfronts, mirrors, splashbacks and many other situations in homes and businesses. A trained professional is required to carry out glass installation to ensure the glass is installed safely and securely. Valiant’s glaziers are fully qualified to handle all types of glazing in both domestic and commercial premises.

Glass Replacement

All glass replacements must comply with the current Australian Standards, which means the glass and the glazing must meet these requirements. In many circumstances the original glass may have been ordinary annealed glass, however in many situations replacement glass must be some type of safety glass. As this is the legal requirement for the glass company and also for the owner of the premises it is imperative that the correct glass is installed.

New Glass Installations

As with glass repairs new installations must comply with the existing building code regulations. Not only does the glass have to be the right product, the framing or mechanical fixing must also provide a sound and secure foundation for any new glass installation. Glass work is a very specialised field much like the electrical trade and as such should be left to the professionals. Safety is the primary responsibility not only while installing glass but also for the long term safety of the installation.

Valiant offers a comprehensive line of glass products and services that are manufactured to the highest standard. Our company is proud of our reputation for supplying quality glass and glazing services throughout the Sydney metropolitan area and as a market leader with over 35 years experience, we can guarantee your glass is installed to your total satisfaction every time.

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