Wall Mirrors

Valiant Glass manufacture wall mirrors in various shapes and sizes to meet many design requirements for any application.

The addition of a wall mirror or large mirror wall will add an extra element to any contemporary space and create a roomy and stylish area, whilst complimenting any home or business.

Features and benefits of a large mirror wall

The main benefit of installing a large wall mirror is that they create the illusion of space and by reflecting any available light can brighten poorly lit areas.

Floor to ceiling and wall to wall mirrors can contribute to the look and feel of most rooms whilst size and shape can make an area look taller or longer depending on the design.

Wall mirrors

Mirror placement

Position, size and shape are important factors in determining a mirrors effectiveness. Careful planning and thought should go into where they are mounted and what will be reflected once the mirror is installed.

A well designed and placed mirror will be a valuable focal point for any space and can be a integral part to any interior design.

Large wall mirrors can present an eye catching feature if situated in the correct position.

custom made wall mirror

Arch top wall

Custom arch top mirror


Are there different qualities of mirrors?

All Valiant mirrors are made from the highest quality materials available in the Australian market and are processed with the latest glass machinery to produce faultless mirrors.

Framed or frameless mirrors?

A majority of Valiant’s mirrors are frameless designs that have a seamless appearance that blends into most modern premises.

Frameless bathroom mirror

Where can mirrors be installed?

They can be placed in various locations throughout your home or business. Positions include the following.

  • Entrances and foyers
  • Above hall tables
  • Hallways
  • Bathrooms
  • Bedrooms
  • Wardrobes
  • Living rooms

Are the measurements important?

Custom mirrors require custom measuring. Many wall, floors and ceilings are not straight, level or plumb.

A qualified glazier is the best way to go when measuring up for a mirror wall. Valiant’s glaziers use laser levels in most cases to provide the best measurements for all installations.

What is the best thickness for a mirror wall?

The most common thicknesses for mirrors are 4mm and 6mm. Most mirror walls are larger than average mirrors therefore 6mm is the preferred thickness. 6mm mirror does not bend as easily as 4mm, which provides a true reflection when adhered to a large wall.