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Glass table

Glass table

Valiant Glass provides a wide range of quality glass products for use in commercial and domestic properties. All glass products are manufactured from flat glass and transformed into a broad variety of products including glass for furniture, buildings, windows, doors, tables, shelving, splashbacks, shower screens and more. There are many types of glass ranging from standard annealed glass to high performance coated laminated or toughened glass, which can be cut and processed into many shapes and sizes to suit the requirements of any application.

Our state of the art glass processing equipment allows precise manufacture of complex shapes and edge processing that is not possible by hand.

Safety Glass

As one of the most important developments in the glass and glazing industry, the introduction of safety glass has reduced injuries for the general public and also tradesmen within the industry. Ordinary annealed glass is a dangerous product and when broken can present a hazardous environment. Current standards require laminated or toughened glass to be installed in high traffic areas and positions that are likely to be subject to human impact. Although annealed can be used in certain areas of homes and commercial buildings it is restricted to areas that are less likely to cause injury when broken. Safety glass is used in doors, shopfront windows, low level glazing, bathrooms and many more areas where safety is a high priority.


Mirrors are a great way to improve the look and feel of a home, shop, restaurant, hotel or office. Whilst mirrors provide the basic function of providing a reflection they can also enhance any room if used in the right position. Valiant manufacture, supply and fit custom made mirrors in all types of premises throughout the Sydney metropolitan area. Our mirrors are of the highest quality and are installed by highly qualified glaziers to ensure your mirror is installed to your total satisfaction.

Glass for Buildings

As experts in the glass and glazing industry, glass for buildings is our specialty. Valiant provides glass replacement and glass installation for a wide variety of windows, doors or fixed panels found in homes or businesses. Our factories stock a diverse range of glass products that are used in buildings, which enables our qualified glaziers to offer a fast and reliable service at all times.

Glass Processing

Many types of glass products require edgework to remove dangerous sharp edges and also to provide a decorative appearance. Glass tables, shelves, mirrors and other glass products that have exposed edges must be processed in some way. The main types of edge processing are polished or bevelled edges however special edgework is available upon request.

Other Glass Products

Valiant Glass manufactures glass products used for special applications such as painted glass for splashbacks, glass whiteboards, menu boards and displays. These products offer a unique appearance as they can be produced in almost any colour. The advantage of these colourback glass products is that they offer an elegant and stylish appearance, which no other product can match.

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