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Glass table

Glass table

Glass table tops are a great way to add life to timber furniture in both commercial and domestic environments. Wear and tear to the surface of timber tables is unavoidable without the protection of a custom made glass table top. Compared to the costs associated with resurfacing an entire tabletop a protective glass layer provides an economical, durable and elegant solution. Valiant manufacture glass tables in either standard annealed or toughened safety glass to suit your needs. Our qualified staff can visit your premises to take precise measurements and give our recommendation as to which product is right for you.

Why should I use glass?

The main benefit of using glass for this application is that it doesn’t take away from the look and feel of your furniture. They are usually manufactured from clear glass, which enables full protection without changing the appearance of your table. Unlike glass, timber is a relatively soft material that can be damaged from day to day use such as, children doing their homework and the impact from cutlery, dishes, keys or even school bags. Unfortunately we cannot control how our furniture is used 24 hours a day but with the addition of a glass table it will give you peace of mind that your furniture is fully protected from the elements. Before its too late take the opportunity to speak to Valiant and discover how easy it is to protect your furniture before your prized possessions lose their showroom appearance.

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