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Aluminium framed glass doors are used in a wide variety of applications including homes, units, offices, shops, hotels and numerous other properties requiring a strong and easily maintained door. There are many types of door systems available such as sliding doors, hinged doors, bifold doors and custom made varieties as well. Replacing glass in these types of systems requires the skills of a trained professional glazier to ensure the door will operate as it did before the glass was replaced. Some glass door panels must be installed using special techniques to enable the door to open and close in the correct manner. Valiant’s glaziers are familiar with all types of doors and with over 35 years experience, by choosing Valiant you are guaranteed to receive a professional, fast and reliable service throughout the Sydney metropolitan area.

Glass Door Repairs

Although many doors are made to a standard size, aluminium framed doors are generally custom made by window and door manufacturers. Each manufacturer uses their own systems therefore the glass size always varies depending on the framing system used. Valiant’s glaziers are able to cut laminated safety glass onsite, which means your glass door repair can be carried out in the fastest possible time. Our fleet of glass vehicles stock standard sheet sizes that cover most glass door panels, however if the glass is an unusual size our factories hold large stocks of most types of laminated glass in a range of sizes. Glass door breakage usually presents a security or safety risk therefore Valiant’s same day emergency glass service offers a solution to satisfy most situations that require immediate action.

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