Pet Door Installation

Valiant supply and install pet doors in glass panels to give your pet the freedom to come in or out at their leisure. Our pet door installation service is available throughout the Sydney metropolitan area.

There are many types of cat doors and dog doors available, however we use top quality slimline clear pet doors that fit into glass panels, which are less noticeable.

Dog Doors

The benefits of a Valiant Glass pet door

Owning a pet can be a little challenging at times, especially when your favourite little furry friend has an accident inside the house. The following are key features and benefits of our pet doors.

  • Designed for glass installation
  • Can be installed in a wide range of windows and doors
  • Strong and durable clear acrylic
  • 4 way locking system
  • Grade A toughened glass is used with every pet door. Safety for your pet and your family.
  • AS1288 compliant installations
  • Access inside and outside for your pet
    • The addition of a pet door can alleviate this problem by providing outside access for your cat or dog.
  • Prevent exit or entry
    • Another benefit of these pet doors is that they can be locked to prevent exit or entrance depending on the time of day or whether you are home or not.

Training your pet to use a pet door

In most situations your pet will not automatically walk through the door. It’s important to let your cat or dog inspect it’s door to the outside world in it’s own time.

Take your time

Your pet may take a little encouragement to go through the first time, however it’s vital that you don’t force it through the door.

Make it a positive experience

A bad experience could mean your cat or dog will never go to the door again, therefore patience is required when waiting for the big moment.

Use treats

One of the most successful techniques to persuade your pet through a pet door is go outside with his or her favourite toy or treat to encourage use of the door.

Lure your pet by staying on the opposite side

As always, reward your pet with a treat or plenty of affection to make the experience as positive as possible. If the pet door is the only way in they will soon work it out.


How to put a pet door in a glass door?

  1. Know the breed of your pet.
  2. Measure the overall height and chest depth.
  3. Contact a glazier.
  4. Select an appropriate pet door. Seek advice from your glazier if required.
  5. Have the glazier measure the glass to be replaced.
  6. Replace existing glass with a new panel of toughened glass and a preinstalled pet door.

Where is the best position for a pet door?

The most common position for pet doors are in glass doors, glass panels next to doors and low level glass panels around the house.

Can a pet door be installed into the existing glass?

Valiant does not install pet doors in your existing glass, but alternatively replaces your glass with a panel that already incorporates a pet door.

The glass used is Grade ‘A’ toughened safety glass to provide additional strength and safety for your pet and your family.

Our experienced glaziers will remove your existing glass and replace it with your new glass panel to you and your pet’s total satisfaction.

Why can’t the existing glass be cut?

Many glass panels are toughened glass already. Once the glass has been toughened it can not be altered in any way.

If the existing glass is ordinary glass, cutting a hole for a pet door will make it weaker and could break from the hole. In most situations ordinary glass doesn’t not comply with current Australian Standards.

The other type of glass found in homes is laminated glass. This consists of two sheets of 3mm ordinary glass with a plastic interlayer sandwiched between the glass. Laminated glass is the weakest of all three types after cutting a hole for a pet door.