Dog Doors for Sliding Glass Doors

February 25th, 2010 by Ian

In our lives today we are time poor and the last thing we want to do when we put our feet up after a day’s work is to be getting up and down for our pets every time they need to get outside. Whether they need to relieve themselves, get a drink, have a run or just to get some fresh air, a dog door is the perfect solution for any young or older dog. In many situations the only position for a dog door is within a sliding glass door and as glass specialists Valiant Glass can provide a complete installation that complies with current Australian Standards.

Essentially, a dog door provides your dog with the freedom to explore the outside world while enjoying the comforts of inside the home. The beauty of dog doors for sliding glass doors is that you can control when your pet is allowed inside by utilising our four way locking system. Options include fully locked, fully opened, access outside but not back in and access inside but not back out. Why not make your life easier by choosing a Valiant dog door for your sliding glass door. Visit our dog door page here (dog doors) or give our customer service team a call to find out more.

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