Cat Door for Doors

Cat Doors for Doors

Cat doors for doors offer the ultimate in freedom and safety for your cat. The installation of cat doors in glass doors give cats the ability to venture outside whilst retaining the comforts of inside when required. Cats enjoy the independence to roam their own territory and seek sun or shade when needed. They also get pleasure from carrying out instinctive behaviours by playing in outdoor environments such as garden and backyards. The added bonus of installing a cat door is that you are able to leave your home without worrying about what is happening with your cat. A cat door is also a convenient way to avoid mishaps inside the home including scratching furniture, pet waste on carpet and scuff marks on doors.

Valiant Glass provides the installation of cat doors for doors throughout the Sydney metropolitan area. Our qualified glaziers remove your existing glass and replace it with a new sheet of laminated safety glass, which includes a four-way locking cat door. Call your local Valiant office to arrange a cat door installation in glass.