AS1288-2006 Glass in Buildings

“AS1288-2006 Glass in buildings” is the Australian Standard published by Standards Australia that replaced its predecessor “AS1288-1994 Glass in buildings”. The prime objective of the standard is to provide a benchmark for glass and glazing situated in domestic and commercial properties throughout Australia. Due to an increasing rate of accidents involving glass it was considered by the joint Standards Australia / Standards New Zealand Committee BD-007, that changes were required to the existing standard. Future editions of this standard will see the implementation of more stringent regulations enforced on the relevant industries, however this version is considered the best compromise at the time of publication.

AS1288-2006 covers the following areas associated with glass in buildings:

  • Glass definitions
  • Glass and glazing materials
  • General design criteria for glass
  • Design for wind loading for glass
  • Criteria for human impact safety
  • Sloped overhead glazing
  • Glass balustrades
  • Glass installation
  • Framed, unframed, and partly framed glass assemblies

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