Soundproof Glass and Windows

There are many types of noise pollution that have an impact on the community. Soundproof glass is one way to combat frustrating noise levels.

Common causes of noise pollution

  • Aircraft noise
  • Traffic noise
  • Industrial machinery
  • Power tools
  • Children playing

The frequency of such noises determines the impact they will have on occupants of both commercial and domestic buildings. Brick or concrete walls offer superior resistance to sound, however buildings require glass to allow natural light to penetrate inside whilst also adding to a buildings visual appeal.

Recent improvements in noise reduction products have enhanced the acoustic performance of glass whilst retaining the benefits required for modern architecture. The foremost contributor to better noise control is laminated glass and insulated glass units and in some cases a combination of the two.

Soundproof glass

Soundproof Laminated Glass

In addition to the safety benefits of laminated glass its PVB interlayer provides an excellent barrier against noise.

A combination of different types of glass and interlayer are available to satisfy the sound dampening requirements for each particular application. Although standard laminated products offer good soundproofing qualities, specially designed laminates have been introduced which go well beyond previous levels.

Insulated Glass Units

In recent times Insulated Glass Units (IGU) have set the benchmark for energy efficient and noise control glass products. IGU’s are excellent insulators against noise pollution due to their sealed air space between two sheets of glass.

Although most IGU’s used in domestic properties consist of two sheets of 3mm annealed glass, incorporating at least one layer of high performance laminated glass will greatly improve the overall results.