Double Hung Window Repairs

Double hung windows consist of two window sashes that are able to move up and down within the frame. These types of windows are used in bedrooms, bathrooms and other areas throughout homes where ventilation is required to encourage fresh air flow.

They are manufactured from aluminium or timber frames and can have almost any type of glass fitted depending on the requirements of that area.

Our glaziers are highly trained professionals who are familiar with these sometimes complicated systems, which ensures any double hung glass replacement is replaced to the highest standard by our staff.

Why Double Hung?

The main advantage of double hung systems is that both top and bottom sashes can be opened at the same time. This promotes ventilation in both high and low areas of rooms and also provides multiple passages for air movement in both directions.

The only criticism of double hung windows is that some manufacturers have used poor quality components in the past, however in recent times the standard has improved greatly.

Overall double hung windows offer a safe and secure style of window that can easily incorporate fly screens and internal blinds while offering the main functions required by domestic and commercial applications.

Energy Efficient Applications

Double hung windows can consist of ordinary glass, toughened safety glass or double glazed insulated glass units.

Double glazing maximises the energy efficient properties of any type of window however when used with double hung windows this means the window can be opened to take advantage of natural cooling from outside.

Ultimately higher performing windows contributes to ongoing energy savings but when Sydney’s relieving southerly breeze hits on a hot summers day opening windows can be the perfect solution.