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Among many of services for glass and mirrors in Sydney’s Northern Beaches, Valiant Glass specialises in the supply and installation of replacement glass, new mirrors and most types of glass found in houses.

Glass Replacement – Sliding Door Northern Beaches

Sliding glass doors as seen in the picture below are commonly found in North Beaches homes and units. These doors are manufactured by a variety of local and interstate framing companies.

Glass Relacement Northern Beaches

Reasons for glass breakage include the following;

  • Stones from law mowers
  • Break and enters
  • Accidental breakage
  • Thermal breakage
  • Vandalism
  • Faulty installations
  • Impact from pets
  • Impact from wildlife
  • Heat from BBQ’s

Glass Repairs in Northern Beaches – Timber Framed Windows

Timber framed windows are found in many homes and units along the Northern Beaches coastal area. Unlike aluminium frames they are less likely to be subject to corrosion from the salt air close to the beach areas.  However, sash balances can break  down therefore the traditional sash cord installations do prove to last longer in these areas.

In addition to the normal causes of glass breakage outlined above, glass breakage can occur due to broken sash balances or poorly maintained frames. Deteriorating of putty is a common reason for glass to become loose, which makes the thin float glass more exposed to typical impact and also rattles and vibrates when moved resulting in cracked panels. Fixing glass in timber frames is no problem for the team at Valiant.

Glass Repair Northern Beaches


Window Glass Replacement in Northern Beaches

Another of the most popular types of repairs carried out by Valiant Glass are sliding glass windows. These can be a target for break and enters and are subject to the common types of damage caused to domestic glass window and doors.

Sliding Window Replacement Northern Beaches

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