Glass Shelves

Valiant Glass produce a wide range of custom made glass shelves, ranging from standard clear glass to heavy weight safety glass to suit any shelving requirements.

The advantages of glass shelves

There are many advantages of using glass shelves over traditional materials but the main overriding benefit is that they simply look better and enhance your space.

Some of main advantages include:

Alternative to timber

As an alternative to other materials such as timber or melamine a glass shelf provides a sleek and stylish solution for various shelving needs.

Modern appearance

Glass shelving can provide a unique and elegant appearance to any room of your home or business.

Storage and displays

Glass shelves will offer the basic function of storage. Object such as trophies or awards can be displayed on glass shelves.

Light Transmission

In many circumstances glass shelves are the obvious choice when displaying products for sale in shops or ornaments in your home.

By using glass for this type of application, all natural or artificial light is allowed to pass through each level of cabinets or display units.

This enhances the use of down lights when used in cabinetry by allowing all items to be visible from top to bottom.

Creating space and style

Creating the illusion of space rates highly as one of the main concepts in current interior design trends.

Glass is used widely throughout domestic and commercial premises as it offers a perfect, sleek and translucent material.

Glass shelving also offers a modern look and feel for any contemporary home or business environment whilst providing the same functions of other materials.

Types of glass shelves

Size and shape

Similar to other materials that can be cut into different shapes, due to improvements in machinery technology today’s glass shelving can be manufactured into a wide range of shapes and sizes.

Square, rectangular, curved edge and many more shapes can be produced to suit any area requiring a shelf.

The ability to transform standard glass into strong toughened safety glass has also enabled glass shelves to be manufactured to custom made shapes.