Glass for Furniture

The use of glass for furniture has become very popular in recent times in both home and office applications.

Valiant Glass manufactures glass for dining tables, side tables, coffee tables, mirrors, glass shelving and more.

By stocking a wide range of glass suitable for furniture and possessing some of the industries latest glass machinery Valiant can produce custom made solutions for a wide array of furniture glass.

Glass Tables

Glass tables can be manufactured to be placed on top of a base or pedestals or as a protective layer to prevent damage to softer materials such as timber.

Advantages of glass tables

Modern appearance

The advantage of using glass is that it provides a sleek and clean appearance, which blends well into current contemporary designs.

Easy to clean

Unlike other materials glass can be easily cleaned when wiped down with a standard glass cleaner and a cloth.


It is a great alternative for children as it is a durable surface which is not damaged by day to day use and can be made as safety glass as well

Alternative to timber

Glass can also be incorporated into a stainless steel furniture frames to provide a modern alternative to timber furniture.

Mirrors in furniture

Mirror glass is used in many applications throughout homes and businesses in areas such as cabinets and display units to add a feeling of depth and space.

The addition of mirror in these applications enhances furniture to create an atmosphere of style and class to any room.

Mirrors can be used as a backing inside a display, fixed to the face of doors or even installed directly onto a wall to add to aesthetics of any property.

Glass Shelves

Straight Glass Shelf

Glass shelves are widely used in display areas to create a more spacious appearance and prevent a cluttered look.

They are available in a wide range of sizes and thickness depending on the requirements of each situation.

As with many of Valiant products our glass shelves can be manufactured in safety glass to offer a completely safe product whilst providing a smooth and elegant product to enhance your home or office.