Keep your dog or cat out of the cold with a pet door

Winter is fast approaching and now is the time to have a pet door installed.

It can be inconvenient to keep letting your dog or cat in and out of your home. To eliminate little accidents happening when you don’t let your family pet out quick enough, to make life easier install a pet door into your glass door, fixed panel or low-level window.

Pet doors are clear acrylic and are unobtrusive in appearance; sizes available are cat or small dog door and medium dog door. Having a pet door installed allows you to maintain some degree of heat or cool inside your home as it eliminates the need to open and close the door to let your pet in or out, keeping seasonal weather conditions out.

Once your dog door or cat door is installed it is an easy process to train your pet to use the pet door.  Place your pet on one side of the pet door and have a treat on the other side encouraging your pet to go through the door to obtain the treat from you.  Praise your pet when they have successfully gone through the pet door as a reward for their achievement.  Once you have gone through this process a couple of times your dog or cat will realise this is their access to and from your home.

When you have a dog door or cat door installed you can be assured that your family pet is not exposed to extreme weather conditions enabling your pet to come inside when the need arrises.

Most dog doors and cat doors have a four way locking system whereby you can let your pet come and go, just enter or just leave or locking it in place so they cannot use the pet door at all.

So act now before winter sets in and call to have your dog door or cat door installed.