Comfort Plus Glass Replacement Sydney

April 4th, 2012 by Ian

As the popularity of Viridian’s Comfort Plus products have grown in recent times so has the replacement of these types of glass. Accidental breakage, vandalism or even thermal breakage requires the glass to be replaced. Due to the wide range of variations available in Comfort Plus, identifying these glass panels on site requires a trained eye. Besides the different tints in the range, the Comfort Plus coating can be applied to many different types of glass.

Comfort Plus Glass Replacement

Comfort Plus Glass Repaired

Here at Valiant Glass we provide a glass replacement service throughout Sydney, which includes the repair of Comfort Plus. With the many possible configurations of these products it’s imperative to have a professional carry out this type of repair. These images are an example of the type of replacement service we offer. Located in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs, this panel was subject to accidental breakage. To the untrained eye this could have been mistaken for ordinary clear laminated glass, however it was Comfort Plus Clear. Our glazier inspected the glass, established to correct product type and the glass was replaced as required.

For any emergency glass replacement call your local Valiant office.

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