BBQ & Outdoor Heaters Cause Glass Breakage

In recent times we have repaired several panels of glass situated in homes, restaurants and cafes, which have been broken due to heat generated by BBQ’s or outdoor heaters.

When placed near glass this heat causes thermal breakage, which results in cracks throughout the glass panel.

Toughened safety glass is more resistant to this type of heat therefore the type of glass effected by this is normally laminated safety glass or ordinary annealed glass.

Don’t move your heater or BBQ next to glass

The recent increase in this type of breakage has been a result of the wet weather we have been experiencing in Sydney.

Not because the glass is wet or colder in these condition but because BBQ’s or heaters have been moved under shelter from the rain, typical under an eve close to a glass windows or doors.

The short answer to the problem is to keep heat-generating appliances away from glass. Thermal breakage can be caused by heat generated from by the sun therefore this extreme heat can result in similar damage.