Vandalism causes glass breakage of Newtown shop window

Unfortunately unprovoked property vandalism is still present throughout Sydney. It remains as a constant nuisance to Sydney shopkeepers and also results in inflated insurance premiums. In a recent act of vandalism a Newtown shop was targeted by a yet to be identified vandal who propelled an object through a large shop front window.

The impact shattered the glass resulting in an extremely dangerous situation as seen in the attached photo. The original glass was annealed plate glass, which produces large dangerous shards of glass when broken. Thankfully the shopkeeper was able to attend the site to prevent any passers-by from touching the unstable broken glass.

Newtown Broken Shopfront Glass

Valiant Glass was contacted to carry out the repairs, which were completed within a few hours. The existing glass was removed by our qualified glaziers and replaced with clear laminated safety glass, which complies with current Australian Standards. Unfortunately vandalism of glass is common therefore our team deals with these events on a daily basis. Valiant stock most types of glass for use in all types of buildings, which enables fast glass replacement in most circumstances. If you require emergency glass repairs throughout Sydney call your local Valiant office to arrange fast replacement.

Newtown Shopfront Glass Replacement