Replace Glass In Sliding Glass Doors Sydney

July 8th, 2011 by Ian

Sliding glass doors are regularly broken due to accidental breakage, vandalism and break and enter. When glass is broken it can create a dangerous environment for family, friends and even pets. Valiant Glass offer a fast glass replacement service throughout Sydney, including onsite repairs to sliding glass doors in home, offices, shops and other businesses.

Replace Sliding Glass Door SydneyThere are three main types of glass found in sliding doors.

Annealed Glass (Illegal)

  • Mainly in doors manufactured prior to the 1990’s.
  • Non safety glass
  • Illegal for new installations
  • The most dangerous type of glass

Toughened Glass For Sliding Doors

  • Installed by most current door manufacturers
  • Grade A safety glass
  • Compliant with current Australian Standards
  • Reduced security if broken
  • Small cuts possible with impact with glass

Laminated Glass For Sliding Doors

  • Best product for sliding doors
  • Grade A safety glass
  • Compliant with current Australian Standards
  • Increased security if broken due to lamination
  • Minimal risk of injury when broken

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