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April 21st, 2011 by Jason

Mirror Walls SydneyFloor to ceiling mirror walls add an extra dimension to any room. They are commonly used as gym mirrors, feature walls in lobby areas and in commercial premises such as restaurants, shops and cafes. Many contemporary homes use full length mirror walls to reflect views or exterior elements to the home. They can also be used as home gym mirrors to help you achieve the perfect work out.

Common mirror wall installations include;

  • Restaurants Mirror Walls
  • Shop Mirror Walls
  • Bars Mirrors
  • Gym Mirrors
  • Lobby Mirror Walls
  • Lift Mirror
  • Office Reception Mirror Walls
  • Bathroom Wall Mirrors


Valiant Glass Sydney specialise in the measure, supply and installation of large mirror walls in domestic and commercial premises. No wall is too big!

Choosing the right company to carry out this type of work is imperative. It’s not just a case of slapping on sheets of mirror on a wall. A professional team is required to perform these installations.

Our professional glaziers are able to precisely measure each wall to ensure a perfect custom fit. Call your local Valiant office to arrange your mirror wall installation.

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