Comfort Plus Glass – Low E Energy Efficient Glass

Viridian’s Comfort Plus Glass is one of the leading single glazed solutions to energy efficiency in glass. This Low E glass is available in various tints and is used widely in new homes that need to comply with current energy efficient ratings.

Current trends in architectural design have seen the use of large areas of glass to create the feeling of space in modern homes. The introduction of Comfort Plus has meant that the energy efficiency of these homes is not compromised. In addition to new homes, existing properties can also benefit from the replacement of regular glass with Comfort Plus. Valiant are specialists in this area, offering a complete upgrade of ordinary glass to various high performance Low E products. Another benefit of upgrading your existing glass is that Comfort Plus is available in Safety Glass making your home safer for your family. By upgrading you’ll keep your house cooler in summer and warmer in winter while eliminating the chance of injury caused by glass.

Key features of Comfort Plus

  • Less reflective than other energy efficient products
  • More transparent than other energy efficient glass
  • Reduces heat in summer
  • Retains heat in winter
  • 30% improvement in U Value compared to standard glass
  • Reduces 99% of UV transmission
  • Available in Clear, Grey, Neutral & Green
  • 70% of solar heat transmission is eliminated
  • Available as Grade A safety glass.