Woollahra Area Sydney | Glass, Door & Window Upgrades

A common problem with many glass windows, doors and other types glazing found in the Woollahra area in Sydney is that they consist of ordinary annealed glass. Suburbs such as Elizabeth Bay, Woolloomooloo, Edgecliff, Double Bay, Paddington and Bellevue Hill are some of the oldest areas of Sydney. Consequently the buildings are older therefore the glass dates back before any type of safety glass was even considered let alone manufactured. This not only applies to houses but also to blocks of apartments, which are abundant throughout this municipality.

Woollahra Sydney

In recent times property owners and property managers have been sued due to injuries inflicted by broken glass to tenants and the general public. High traffic areas such as common area entry glass doors, which are surrounded by glass as well, present a real danger if they consist of annealed glass. In today’s society Australian Standard compliant glass is essential to eliminate this type of legal action. Unfortunately nothing is usually done to upgrade existing glass until a accident occurs. For further information about upgrading your glass in the Woollahra area call your local Valiant office for advice or even a quotation to make your glass safe.