The Dangers of Glass in Buildings

If glass is broken, it is essential to remove it safely to avoid injuries and have the broken glass repaired by a qualified glazier. By taking preventive measures this will greatly reduce the chance of injuries. There are many instances where people have fallen through glass or even broken glass panels at the time of cleaning, causing seriously injuries. In the event of receiving any injury caused by glass, it is essential to remove all glass from the wound. If glass remains in the wound, it can result in infection and further complicate the situation. Should injuries from broken glass occur seek medical treatment immediately.

Glass is a material used in most domestic and commercial properties, but it can be dangerous if it is broken. It can form splinters and shards that are sharp and can easily cause cuts. To prevent such dangers it is advisable to use safety glass products wherever possible. Safety glass is available in the laminated and toughened varieties and can be used in various situations such as windows, doors, glass accessories, etc. In fact, many areas in buildings require safety glass as a mandatory factor to ensure safety, particularly in the buildings such as schools, offices, restaurants, etc.

The two most common types of safety glass are laminated glass and toughened glass. Both of these varieties are effective to act as a precaution against the injuries caused by broken glass. Laminated glass is manufactured by using an interlayer that is placed in between two or more sheets of annealed glass, therefore it holds together when broken. When toughened glass breaks, it spreads into small fragments with no dangerous pieces therefore it is much safer in preventing harmful injuries caused by broken glass. It is better to use the laminated glass or toughened glass or even a combination of both to maintain safety from the possible danger of broken glass.