Repair or Replace a Black Edge Desilvering Bathroom Mirror

Many people face a common problem with mirrors, which is the development of black edges or spots.

What is mirror desilvering?

This blackening of mirrors is also sometimes called desilvering and it is a common sight especially in the bathroom mirrors.

After some time, the shine and the transparency of the mirror gets vastly different from what it used to look like when first produced.

In spite of trying several methods and regular cleaning, you will find it very difficult to remove the black spots.

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Can black spots or desilvering be removed?

In most situations the mirror needs to be replaced, therefore prevention is better then a cure.

What causes desilvering?

Various factors are responsible for causing mirror black spots.

Desilvered Mirror Edge

Cleaning products

If you find these spots encircling the edges of the mirror, it might be because of the cleaning product that you are using. The cleanser might get behind the glass while cleaning and if that happens, it will damage the back portion of the mirror.


If you find the spots in the middle portion, then it is generally the moisture that has reached the back and damaged the mirror.

This moisture formation can also be because of incorrect cleaning the mirror. If your bathroom mirror is facing similar problems (it is highly likely to get moisture accumulated in the bathroom), replacement of the mirror is generally the best option.

Can mirror be resilvered?

The process of resilvering requires highly professional and technical expertise.

When resilvering a mirror, the original silver is to be removed and replaced with a new silver coating.

Only real silver is to be used in this coating and for that, one needs to be an expert to do the job.

It is also an expensive process, and hence it is better to shoulder the responsibility to a professional.

Apart from the bathroom mirrors, resilvering is also done for antique mirrors.  It removes the black spots, small ripples, or air bubbles that get formed in the mirrors.

Most mirrors need to be completely replaced

In most circumstances the full replacement of the damaged mirror is the most cost effective course of action.

Modern mirrors are glued in position. To remove a mirror from a wall or a cabinet door, most times the glass is cut off in pieces.

Mirror is an important feature in any home, therefore proper care should be taken of these items. If your mirror has desilvered call Valiant Glass to have it replace.