Protect Your Furniture From Sun Damage with Glass

Furniture, paintings or fabric start fading after a period of time when exposed to the sun. The main reason for this fading is the exposure to UV rays. This happens because of the organic molecules present in these materials that go through chemical deterioration when exposed to sunlight. Such deterioration is the result of sunlight that causes high temperature and humidity. You can avoid this problem and maintain the original colour of your furniture for years by installing laminated glass in your premises.

If laminated glass is installed in areas where harmful rays of the sun can pass through, the glass will protect your furniture from ultra violet damage. It is important to use the correct type of glass that maintains proper balance between natural flow of sunlight and also protects the furniture against harmful UV rays. We have range of high performance laminated glass that can serve this purpose by providing 99% protection from harmful UV rays.

Not only will you benefit from the prevention of UV damage, but also receive regular features associated with laminated glass. As an added benefit Laminated glass has excellent security and safety properties and can even aid in noise reduction. Therefore, investing in the laminated glass is a wise choice for the decoration and protection of your home or office.