Improve Security with Laminated Safety Glass

The use of glass products is inevitable in modern times. Whether it is in residential or commercial construction, you will notice the increased use of glass in both exterior and interior applications. Although glass brings style and appeal instantly, it is also essential that you are aware of the security aspects. Float glass, which has been used in construction for many years, is easily breakable and therefore not safe for use in certain applications. With the advancement of technology, security glass products that are now available give greater security both in the home and workplace.

Security Safety Glass
Security Safety Glass

We have available quality laminated glass in various thicknesses that offer an extra barrier of protection. Laminated security glass restricts forced entry and also provides immaculate clarity and transparency.

The advantage of using laminated safety glass is that when it breaks it is held together by an interlayer rather than breaking into large sharp pieces, therefore, restricting entry to your premises.  Where there is a possibility of human impact that could cause glass breakage laminated glass is now to be used in those areas.

Most applications require transparent glass panels for viewing purposes. At the same time they may also require the sense of security from intruders, or just provide a safer alternative to float glass. In those situations laminated glass can provide the solution due to the resistance to shattering and penetration factors.

When you install our laminated glass, it will reduce the outside noise inside your home or office. It also provides protection against the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun. Laminated glass is useful for improving the security and providing protection against sound pollution and ultra violet rays.

If you require quality security glass products for residential and commercial purposes, then we have a solution for you.