History of Glass

There are many glass manufacturers in present times, as glass manufacturing is a large industry. Have you ever wondered how the glass originated and why it was made? Let’s take a journey on the history of glass.


It can be stated that glass has originated since the beginning of the universe. High temperature activities such as meteoroids, lightning strikes and volcanic eruptions have melted certain varieties of rocks and when these molten substances got solidified after cooling, certain sharp and edgy substances were formed. These substances were used as the cutting tools in the Stone Age. Natural glass items created because of volcanic eruptions were known as obsidian, Iceland agate, hyalopsite, or mountain mahogany. Other types of natural glass formed due to the extraterrestrial or other origin was known as tektites.

Why glass was made

Around 5000 BC, in a part of Syria, the Phoenician merchants accidentally became aware of the existence of glass. These merchants used nitrate blocks as a base and placed cooking pots over them. They lit up the nitrate blocks that melted and mixed with the beach sand due to the fire heat. The combination of molten nitrate and sand formed a certain liquid, which was opaque and sharp. After the liquid solidified, it transformed into a substance that bears great resemblance with glass. These items were made to make cutting of various things.

It was around 3500 BC in Egypt and Eastern Mesopotamia, where the first man-made glass objects were created. In Mesopotamia, the craftsmen of vases and pots produced shine on their crafts by using the glass raw materials. Such crafts became very popular and there was a good demand for new art all along the Mediterranean coasts.

Over the years, the process of glass making was modified and the outputs were improved. New technologies were introduced and adapted to perfect the craft.

Today’s Glass

The industry of glass manufacturers has come a long way and in present times, you can find diverse varieties of glass. The utilities of these materials have also changed and now people use them for multiple purposes. Now, you can find energy efficient glass that is made of such materials that can help you to save money on cooling or heating. There are tinted glass varieties, which provide excellent protection against the harmful ultra violet rays of the sun; you can also opt for laminated glass that provide high impact resistance and a lot more.