Glass Tables

Whenever you move into a new home or modern office, one thing that you usually notice is the use of glass in furnishings.  The use of glass furniture has become very popular because it enhances the appeal and style of a home. Even an ordinary room that is not very well decorated can look amazingly stylish if modern glass furniture is used. If you think that you need a makeover to your home or office interiors, then combining glass with your furnishings gives a modern feel.

You may think that those glass furniture items might be quite expensive.  We have available quality glass products that can be used for furnishings such as glass table tops, shelves, mirrors or cabinet doors all at very attractive prices.  The addition of glass will compliment the styling and decoration of your office or home.

Our glass table tops are available in a wide variety of glass types including clear, tinted or frosted glass. Glass tabletops can be manufactured from annealed glass or A grade safety glass and come in various thickness. The addition of a glass tabletop to your existing table not only protects your table surface but also will add a touch of style to your room and will be the perfect accessory for your furniture.