Glass Email Scam

The following email scam is being circulated throughout Australian and International glass industries.

“Dear Customer,

My name is James Larry and I tried calling your shop this morning and there was no one available to answer my call so I decided to email you with my information regarding an order of Glass.

Below is the information on the type of Glass I do need an estimate on.

I need a 24×24 Inches clear Glass and 1×4 Thickness.

I will like you to please get back to me with the pick up price on 100 pieces and also let me know the type of credit cards you take as payment Thank you and looking forward to hear from you soon.

Best Regard,
James Larry”

Other variations of this email exist however the main characteristics of the scam are as follows.

  • Sent from a gmail or yahoo email account
  • Requests a price for 60 or 100 pieces
  • Usually 24” x 24” or 30” x 30”
  • Usually 1/8” or ¼”
  • Asks about credit card payments

As a warning to Australian glass companies, disregard any emails that you receive that resemble the above example.