Bathroom Mirror Selection

February 23rd, 2010 by Ian

bathroom mirror

There are various types of mirrors that can be used in bathrooms however choosing a mirror which suites the theme of your room is most important. In some circumstances small mirrors can be effective while in many other applications a large bathroom mirror will provide benefits beyond that of a small mirror. The most common shapes of mirrors are square, rectangular or circle but mirrors can be cut to suite almost any shape room or wall.

Most modern designs are frameless, polished edge and extend from wall to wall to provide an open and spacious environment. Current trends have gone away from aluminium and timber framed designs, opting for the seamless look of frameless mirrors. Valiant Glass measure, supply and install custom made mirrors for any application in either domestic or commercial properties. For further information browse through our site or call our customer service team for find out more about Valiant bathroom mirrors.

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